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How to prolong the life of a candle?

Make your candle last!

When you leave your candle to burn for too long, heat collects in your jar causing the sides to blacken and burn.

To keep your candle safe and looking beautiful, burn for a maximum of 4 hours and let it rest until the wax is solid before burning the candle again. 

Why do I need to trim my wick?

Trimming your wick helps keep your candle burning evenly, can prevent fires, prolongs the life of the candle and reduces the black smoke.

Make sure to trim between each candle burn for a safe and long-lasting candle.

Why should I not blow my candle?

Don't blow your candle out.

Blowing out your candle can cause fluid to splash and make your candle smoke.

Snuffing out a candle is a safer and cleaner way to put out your candle and extend your candle's life.

Does candles expire?

Like perfumes, candles don't rot in the traditional sense, but the scent does 'expire' over time. While it is safe to light an old candle, it will likely have a bland or absent scent!