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Learn About Us

How did it all start?

Make Sense was born during the lockdown, during this unpredictable time of our lives. The first thing Rita would do every day was light a candle. Her sweet moment, the first thing in the morning that she finds relaxing. This one little thing would help her throughout the day. 

During this scary moment of our lives, she found that her passion for candles could go from lit a candle to candle making. 

She learnt the whole process, and she is so focused on it all. It's a forever learning process that she's thrilled about. From choosing the right wax, checking the fragrance formula, every candle is carefully handcrafted and hand-poured making every piece unique. 

Now, how did this all start between us three? 

Three different people, different styles, different countries, one pandemic. 

Many hours without sleep, entire days trying to find the perfect combination, research, failures... But in the end, we made it work. 


Meet the SHEO's of MakeSense and her stories

Rita lives in England and she has this mad love for candles. 

She is the one behind candle making, creativity, research, photography, marketing, decision making. She is all hands on deck.


Marta also lives in England, never really paid much attention to candles. She's more of a gamer than a candle lover really.

She is also the creative mind behind Make Sense. She’s the designer, developer, grumpy perfectionist and the extra pair of hands when Rita needs help.

Marilia, the third element, lives in France, loves everything about candles. Her favourite scent is Coconut Lime and Vanilla.

Even though she’s miles away she’s always and I mean always present. She’s the translator, takes care of marketing, sales, accounting and most importantly, she’s the one that makes us laugh when things get a bit rough.


Make Sense is the three of us, is the passion for candles, is family, is learning and experimenting new things but especially is hope, is giving that special moment to others, is giving light to someone else’s life during tough times. Make Sense helped us through this anxious moment and we want to help others.


So it all started…Make Sense was born. 

We hope you like it as much as we do ♡ 

makesense candles photoshot


We believe wherever you go it should smell like home.